Monday, October 22, 2012

Neil Old

I finally saw Neil Young live the other night. Was my first show at the historic and legendary Hollywood Bowl and my first time seeing Uncle Neil. I was twice as excited, since it was Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Big riffs, no whiny shit and the possibility they might play "Fuckin' Up".

Here's how it went down...

It was a mixed crowd. Eight to eighty. Maybe ninety. Old dudes. I mean OLD. Fringed jackets, white t-shirts tucked into the bluest Homer Simpson-style denims you've ever seen. Grey and silver as far as the eye could see.

Los Lobos opened and they killed it. Crisp sound, a ridiculous percussionist and some killer jams.

Then we waited for at least an hour...

Neil and Fossil Horse took the stage at what I can only assume is their usual bedtime, yet proceed to lay into some killer riffage and a monsterous 20 minute opener. A few new tracks (including the epic "Walk Like A Giant") and a few solo songs ("Needle and the Damage Done") and a killer rendition of "Cinnamon Girl" definitely kept the audience enthused. They did play "Fuckin' Up" and it ruled, but it was bittersweet. Seeing Neil's guitarist keep giving the audience the finger during each chorus seemed more akin to an old guy telling teenagers to get off his property, rather than what the song actually means. You know, fucking shit up. Every day.

The evening came to a close with Neil and Co playing a super-long rendition (he loves those lengthy tunes, that one) of the Buffalo Springfield classic, "Mr. Soul"...A song he said he played on that very stage over 40 years prior. Pretty intense.

All in all a great, expensive night (after the obligatory raglan purchase, highway robbery parking and ticket prices that only Rolling Stones fans can afford). I truly appreciate that well into his sixties, Neil Young is playing and sounding as young as ever, as he always sounded somewhat grizzled. His music is still challenging, yet accessible and he's certainly not turning into some bear/Tom Waits-ish creature, as Dylan is.

Neil is and always will be Neil.

Not the most exciting show, but one to cross off the bucket list for sure. Tom Petty, you're next!

"Fuckin' Up" @ the Hollywood Bowl: 


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