Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dave Mustaine is a tool

I wanted to post one of his self-loving Lars Ulrich suckling interviews on the Blog, but why take up valuable time for you and me...The guy just keeps going. Born again, religious "A Toute Le Monde" re-writing hypocrite.

Dave Mustaine, you are a tool.

And the new Megadeth is actually decent.


MetalBob said...

The amazing part of this whole story is that he was barely in Metallica! He was never on any of their albums, and the stupid fans act like he left the band when Jason Newsted did. If he went on to nothing, you'd never even hear his name. Metal fans can be cruel and I can imagine what it was like to have the fanzines picking on him back in like 1984 when starting Megadeth. If it happened in 2004 in the day and age of the internet, he probably would have killed himself by now.

Johnny Epcot said...

I agree. He did have songwriting credits on Kill Em All and Ride The Lightning, but what's next? Crediting Ron McGoveney as the father of Bass Thrash?!

I love Megadeth (especially Rust In Peace, Countdown and Youthanasia) but he's such a hypocrite about everything.

News flash Dave, you're not a Politician and your certainly not the voice of anything. Just play your guitar and sing your songs and start taking drugs again. Sobriety is not your friend.

Kriss said...

Did you go to the instore at Vintage Vinyl? What was the feedback on it? I recall in 2004 MegaDave saying the following (yes, a direct quote): "This is the swan song. This is the retirement farewell tour. It's not gonna be like the KISS farewell tour," which has been running for several years.
I guess it is like the KISS farewell tour since they are touring yet again!

Johnny Epcot said...

I didn't go. I saw him outside his bus on my birthday in 1998 (they were playing in town with the horrid Coal Chamber and Life of Agony with Whit Crane on vocals...Awesome) and he poked his head out of this tiny window. I yelled hi and he looked at us and shut the window. Needless to say, I yelled as many curses at him that I could think of.

And you know, it's just Dave and hired guns. Kinda like how Helmet is now, except Helmet is still a force to be reckoned with. Page Hamilton plays one note heavier than an entire solo wank-fest from Dave.

Anonymous said...

Dave ,IS a tool.

David Lee Roth got kicked out of Van Halen, is he still bitching about it? No, he's doing other weirdo things, he picked himself up by his rhinestone-studded chaps and moved on.

We could all learn from Diamond Dave.

Johnny Epcot said...

Haha, yeah he did! I mean, the quality of some of his records post-VH aren't exactly top notch, but he really did break off and became even more of an Icon as the years have passed.

Let's see if Mustaine can cut it as an EMS worker, like Roth!