Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Slayer is the new Billy Corgan

...And not just because Corgan and Slayer axeman Kerry King share the same haircare products. Yesterday marked the release of the "Special Edition" of Slayer's 2006 Dave Lombardo comeback, Christ Illusion. New packaging, fancy pants artwork, ONE new song. That's it. Oh yeah, one alternate version which replaces the song in its original form from the '06 release. There's also a bonus DVD, which is basically a trailer for their upcoming Unhold Alliance Tour DVD.

Did I mention Christ Illusion isn't very good. Yeah, forgot about that, did we Slayer? I've been a fan for years and this was easily the most disappointing LP I can remember from them, including 1995's punk covers album, Undisputed Attitude (which included the original "Gemini"), which kills.

Hearing a near 50 year old Tom Araya scream out "HAIL SATAN" really makes me want to inflict harm upon myself. Is it heavy? Of course, but heavy doesn't mean good. Plenty of bands are as heavy as a two-ton bag of shit...And sound like it to boot.

So, in the time-honored tradition of sticking it to your fans at retail, thanks Slayer. You now officially join the distinguished ranks of other buttholes, like Billy Corgan and Usher. Oh, and for some reason (maybe Rick Rubin's neglect of getting his American ad Def American catalogs completely up to date), no Slayer release past 1986 is available on iTunes. The nice thing to do would have been to release the "new" unreleased track as an Digital release or as a fan club gift to people that already bought your fucking album.

Vintage Slayer:

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