Monday, January 28, 2008

Awesome, eh?

Oh you crazy Canadians. How hard ye rock. Over the course of the past four decades, Canada has given the world Rush, Trouble, Our Lady Peace, Matthew Good and many others (such as the unknowns By A Thread). They also fuck up, as do we all, heaving globs of crap at us like Nickelback, Alanis Morrisette and Mad House resident Celine Dion. Nobody's perfect. 

Protest The Hero is the newest badassness to come from the North and they bring the thunder like a motherfucker. Their second LP, Fortress hits shelves tomorrow and it's a firestorm of a record. Think Dillinger Escape Plan, The Mars Volta, 3 and the best aspects of true metal and hardcore, and you'll have Protest The Hero. While the record resembles these bands in short spurts, these kids really shine on their own. The coolest thing about this band/record is that there are actually kids out there that shred like this and can write songs this complex without giving up on melody, craft or intensity. The dude that sings ranges from high (and in tune) shrieks to blood-curdling death growls. 

Bottom line: Buy this shit. 

"Blood Meat". It's about Vikings or something...

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