Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Hear Matt Good's A Real Asshole...

Which fucking rules because after nearly eight years of being a fan, he's finally doing a US Tour, stopping in SF on March 7th! The brick has been shit people. Apparently, he's not really an asshole, just a slogan than has followed him around for years, making its way onto bumper stickers and t-shirts, similar to "Primus Sucks" chants, or to "Linkin Park Sucks" chants at their shows...Although I think the latter is a different story altogether. 

So at $15 a pop for tickets in a tiny cafe/venue, acoustic and solo, I'm pretty stoked. His later opus, Hospital Music is a painfully beautiful trip into the past year of his life (divorce, near death, being Canadian, etc) and is a very experimental piece of work. 

I'm so excited (and my wife is being a saint and tagging along, even though she's not a fan) that I'm not going to write a book here...The music has always spoken just fine.


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