Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mother Love Blog

Really, what can't Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament do? They are reuniting Green River for two nights at Sub Pop Fest in Seattle in less that two weeks, rock balls out of nutsacks with Pearl Jam and at one point, were poised to be the next big thing with Mother Love Bone. Led by the next Freddie Mercury, Andrew Wood, MLB rose up and quickly separated themselves from everything else going on the the Pacific Northwest. It was flamboyant, but not glam. It was rock, but not cock rock. It was awesome.

The rest of the story is history: Deal signed, heroin overdose, Andrew's untimely death, sadness, Mookie Blaylock forms, Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam. And just for the record, Ed is not and never was a member of Temple of the Dog. Just saying...

With the rise of all things Seattle-related in the early 90's, Polygram/Mercury released everything MLB ever officially recorded and saw through in one package. It was Apple, Shine and for the lucky first few, a bonus disc with "Lady Godiva Blues". "Gentle Groove", "Stardog Champion", "This is Shangrala" and the epic "Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns" sound as fresh today as when they were written. This was going to be THAT band. They were that good.

"I ain't gonna let you down..."

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