Tuesday, December 23, 2008

PISS Army?

I am not what you'd call a KISS fan. In fact, I'm sort of caught in KISS limbo, if you will. There are three kinds of people that can be associated (or not) within KISSdom, and here's how it's layed out: The people that worship KISS, the people that don't get KISS and the people that get KISS, but hate them because they can't believe how much they actually suck(ed) as a band and how far they actually got by sucking so much and how many amazing musicians would do unthinkable things to get five minutes alone with a man that calls himself the Starchild and bares his hairy chest and hairy thighs in studded tights.

I "get" them and understand how cool it must've been to see these guys in 1974 and how it might have scared the shit out of midwestern parents and farmers and religious types. I just don't understand why they never wrote the dark music that would back up their personas (other than Peter Criss...A Catman? C'mon dudes). Sure, "Cold Gin", "Strutter", "She" and a few others are good songs, but think about their contemporaries at the time: Rush, Zep, Black Sabbath, The Who, Pink Floyd, Genesis, etc. There was no shortage of amazing music. If it wasn't for the shock value, no one would know who the fuck these guys even were.

I was able to meet Gene and Paul for a few brief minutes a few years back at a work function and while Paul was very nice and...um...fruity, Gene just had to play a dickhead to every female in the room. On behalf of Jews everywhere, you disgrace us.

So...last night, a friend of ours showed my wife and I this amazing clip of KISS. I think it's the best they ever sounded. Trust me...WATCH THIS!

PISS: "I Will Never Go To School"

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