Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Miss Katatonia

We're now nearly three years removed from the masterpiece that is the Great Cold Distance and I'm fucking dying for new music from Katatonia. Yes, Andy and Jonas are also in Bloodbath, who put out both an EP and full-length in 2008 (which were insanely good), but it's no Katatonia.

All I'm saying is enjoy these clips and respect this band. They are THE prime example (with Cave In and possibly Clutch not far behind) of a band that sounds nothing like their early material, yet sound light years better. The only band that evokes as much darkness and hopelessness through their music is My Dying Bride...and Katatonia smokes those dudes.

Can't wait for the new record, possibly Summer 2009.



"I Break" (live, a true classic)

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