Monday, March 23, 2009

Ten is Old Enough to Buy Lotto

It was August of 1991 and I just saw the "Alive" video on MTV and had my mind blown and life changed forever. A band actually PLAYING during a video. God bless you, Josh Taft. I love Pearl Jam. The band that could've been bigger than U2 but chose to not be douche bags and took the hard road all the way instead. They chose to make weirder and weirder (and better) records to aleinate their fly-by-night fans and critics. This kept them together all these years and made them the only non-Mudhoney Seattle band that is still in it's somewhat original incarnation.

The Ten deluxe edition comes out this tuesday, March 24th. Four versions will be available, including a Super Awesome deluxe edition (CD w/ bonus tracks, new mix CD w/ bonus tracks, MTV Unplugged DVD (finally!), Drop In The Park live show 2LP 180g, 2LP 180g of Ten and a ton of passes, tickets, replica notebook and replica original copy of the "Mamasan" cassette of the demos Ed sent back to Jeff and Stone with the first PJ songs on them: "Once", "Alive" and "Footsteps"). I know.

Ten is not my favorite PJ album. In fact, it's my least favorite. Still, it's groundbreaking and set the tone for what was to come over the past 18 years. The band turns 20 in 2011 and will celebrate by re-releasing all of their studio albums in this super-deluxe fasion before then.

All I'm saying is bring that shit on. And thanks for once again, emptying my wallet.

Here's to 20 more years!

"Deep" Live in a small-ass club in SF (1991):

"Wash" from Tower Records, Yonkers NY 1991:

"PJ EPK from 1991":

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marko said...

Great Post!

At first I was just gonna buy the $30 version, but all the vinyl really made the super ultra deluxe version worth it.

You're dead on about Ten.

Not my favorite album by them (although the remixed version does wonders to strip away all that dang echo-chamber,) but def the whole reason that I got into Pearl Jam.

I'd say my top 2 are Vs. then Yield.