Saturday, November 21, 2009

Can't Sleep...Clown'll Eat Me

Not being able to sleep absolutely sucks. I'm fucking exhausted, yet my mind is racing and unable to relax. Welcome to the weekend in style! So to pass the time until I can respectably go out for a morning walk to grab some coffee, I've been absorbing the new Matthew Good record, Vancouver. Now multiple listens in, I'm enjoying this WAY more than 2007's Hospital Music and just as much his first two solo releases, perhaps more. His songwriting is so fluid and seemingly simple at times, yet littered with slight nuances and brilliant, painfully deep lyrics.

Tracks like "US Remain Impossible" and "On Nights Like Tonight" rival classics like "While We Were Hunting Rabbits" and MGB favorites such as "Advertising On Police Cars" and "The Rat Who Would Be King". Just as personal as Hospital Music at times, yet musically more focused.

For some amazing reading, check out his site here

His entire catalog is now available digitally in the US, or you can buy the imports from Canada.

Check it, my favorite track from Hospital Music, live and acoustic- "99% of Us is Failure":

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