Tuesday, November 16, 2010

25 Bucks and a Bottle of Wine...

Contents Under Pressure. The third Pro-Pain album kicks off right where the previous slab of awesome, The Truth Hurts, ended. According to my friend Bob, I'm the only human being left in the United States that listens to/buys Pro-Pain records, but I digress. I also disagree, but we are a rare breed for sure.

I've spoken about my unapologetic love for Pro-Pain at length over the years on this blog (at least I think I have) and I will continue to do so. Everyone needs a band that delivers exactly what you expect every single time out. Some have Motorhead. Some have Slayer. Others have Hatebreed. I have Pro-Pain. This isn't a knock at them in any way. There is definite variance from record to record. Some (Round 6) are pure punk/hardcore adrenaline, while others are more epic Euro-metal (Age of Tyranny). The common ground is always the tight riffage/songwriting and harsh vocals of Gary Meskill. Dude is slightly irritated.

I arrived a bit late to the Pro-Pain party (probably around 1997 or so), but quickly caught up and have supported them with every single release since, which has been quite a lot. They average a record about once every 14-18 months, which absolutely rules.

Their newest album, Absolute Power, is honestly one of their best. At the very least, it's their best since 2004's Fistful of Hate. Sonically, it's some of the best shit they've ever done. Aggressive as fuck, driving, rhythmic, groove-laden (something they seemed to have perfected immediately, thanks to their love and obvious influence of East Coast rap) and most of all, smart. A Pro-Pain song never overstays its welcome. Their album Act of God, only gave us two riffs per song (three on the title track, I believe), yet unless you sat there and analyzed each song (as I have dorkishly done), you'd never know. It's the old Ramones trick, perfected.

They almost never tour the states, even though they're from New York and live in Florida. Their bread is buttered in Europe. I'm hoping for a return to our shores in 2011, as I've never seen them live...One of the last remaining bands I absolutely love that I've yet to see (looking at you, Tom "$150 tickets" Petty).

Pick up the new Pro-Pain and support my Motorhead. Hey, at the very least, they probably have way less VD than Lemmy...and that's something to be proud of!

"Unrestrained" (new jam, live 2010)

"In For The Kill" (video, from the "Act of God" LP)

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