Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Can't Find The Hidden Hand

Yep, another killer band calls it quits. Wino broke up the power trio The Hidden Hand just mere months after the release of their critically acclaimed third LP, "The Resurrection of Whiskey Foote". Luckily, mine came with the out of print "Devoid of Colour EP", which was included in the first 2,000 copies only. It's actually better than the full-length. Anyhow, I digress. It's a sad day on one hand, but a bright one on the other. Wino has already announced that he has a new project in the works called Shrinebuilder. The lineup is rounded out by Chris and Al from OM (2/3 of Sleep) and Scott Kelly from Neurosis. This shall be interesting.

I always thought The Hidden Hand was the most unfocused of all of Wino's projects, but still being able to release three LP's and two EP's in only five years. I always prefered The Obsessed and the criminally underrated Spirit Caravan. Get yourself their now out of print "Dreamwheel EP" and their retrospective, "The Last Embrace". Features their two full-length LP's and various b-sides...All awesome.

Check out this clip and recognize, fool:

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