Friday, August 17, 2007

This Post Smells Like Otto's Jacket

I love Stoner Rock. I don't care if it's a tag that Stoner Rock bands dislike. If you sing about getting stoned and play your banged up $129 Strat thru a bass amp with chorus, fuzz and distortion, you, my friend, are in a Stoner Rock band. In the recent issue of Decibel Magazine, they dedicate nearly half the issue to the knowns (Queens of The Stone Age, Clutch, Wino, Fu Manchu) and unknowns (Electric Wizard, Bongzilla, a mountain of late 60's and early 70's riff-heavy groups) of the history of this awesome genre. They do leave out COC and Crowbar, which irks me, since I believe that COC's "Deliverance" and Crowbar's "Odd Fellows Rest" are some of the best records in and out of the genre, ever.

Clutch likes to distance themselves from the tag, but dudes, you write songs like "Willie Nelson", to which the chorus goes "I don't know if I'm coming or going/If it's them or me/One thnig's for certain/Willie Nelson only smokes killer weed". Right. I'm sure he does. Oh yeah, this song was first released onn the High Times magazine compilation, "High Volume". QOTSA distance themselves as well, but face it Josh...Your roots are in Kyuss, the originators of Desert Fuzz. Even if it didn't make the list (which it did, at #8), the self-titled Queens CD frm 1997 is not only their best LP, it's one of my favorite albums. Not a second of wasted material on it. Nearly flawless.

So of course, of all the killer Stoner bands, I think I found the best one to drop twelve bucks on. Thank you Southern Lord Recordings for fooling me once again. After reading an article about a riff/groove-heavy power trio (I fucking love power trios...Who doesn't?) about Weedeater, I picked up their new LP, "God Luck and Good Speed". Best.title.ever. Unfortunately, not best music ever. Not even fucking close. I dug it upon first listen, but as with most Southern Lord releases (Wino-related bands being the only exception, cause he's the God of The Riff), it's takes a horrible turn for the worse on repeated listens. It's heavy, distorted and unbelievably sloppy...Even for a bunch of potheads.

For killer new records by bands that might not be stoner rock (or they might be), check out the following releases:

Mondo Generator- Dead Planet
Brant Bjork- Tres Dias
Coliseum- No Salvation
The Hidden Hand- The Resurrection of Whiskey Foote
Clouds- Legendary Demo
Zozobra- Harmonic Tremors
Queens of The Stone Age- Era Vulgaris
Unsane- Visqueen
Clutch- From Beale St. To Oblivion
Melvins- (a) Senile Animal
Alabama Thunderpussy- Open Fire

Check out this clip of "Streetside" by The Obssesed, feturing Scott "Wino" Heinreich. I saw these dudes open for White Zombie in 1994. They had a brief run with Columbia for this one record "The Church Within". It kills:

If you dig it, also check out ANYTHING from the countless bands that Wino has shaped and formed over the years. This dude IS a walking riff machine:

Saint Vitus
The Obsessed
Spirit Caravan
Place of Skulls
The Hidden Hand

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