Friday, August 31, 2007

Please Allow Me To Adjust My Pants

No, not another post about what I'm wearing today, although my pants are fantastic. Going to see the one and only Clutch tonight at the best venue in NYC, The Bowery Ballroom. If you've never seen the mighty Clutch live, you are missing out on one of the many reasons why they are one of the only pure rock n' roll bands left on this planet.

I've seen them just jam for an hour and say goodnight while opening for Limp Bizkit in 1998. I've seen them play for three hours, only playing songs from recent albums. I don't know what the hell to expect tonight. Who cares. It promises to rock. For the little money I have, I'd say "Spacegrass" is one of the most badass songs, ever.

Check out all of their albums right now. For a beginner, I'd start with their self-titled LP (1995) and then move onward to 2004's "Blast Tyrant". This year's "From Beale Street To Oblivion" is as solid as rock gets, boasting tons of bluesy riffs and groove-laden drumming, all whilist rocking your goddamn socks off.

The Mob Goes Wild. Indeed. Bam Margera directed the video. It's the best thing he will ever do.


Eric said...

It's good to know Clutch is still alive and well touring and playing live shows. Would love to hear how it went. My first Clutch show was at the Capital Ballroom in '96 (ish). They headlined the Super Bowl of Hardcore (their fans arrived 10 minutes till 8 as opposed to 12 PM). They also played a lot w/ The Bakerton Group (Clutch instrumental minus Neil). That was a fantastic show at Fletcher's in Baltimore, MD. It was during their pre-jammy stuff but they were starting to jam out right around '98/99 at that point. My first introduction to Clutch was either "Escape From the Prison Planet" or "A Shotgun Named Marcus". Great intro to Transnational Speedway League...!

Johnny Epcot said...

The show was insane. They played "Animal Farm", "Escape From The Prison Planet", "Who Wants To Rock", as well as a 20+ minute encore jam. I'm actually going to see The Bakerton Group for the first time in NYC next month. I've know about them since their inception but could never make it to any shows.

I discovered them while watching Headbanger's Ball in 1993. The video for "A Shogun Named Marcus". Was at my local Sound Warehouse the next morning buying TSL!