Thursday, August 30, 2007

Converge Makes Me Look Pretty

This isn't a fashion blog. I wear jeans and t-shirts and shorts below the knee and hoodies. I'm a fucking dude. I know what I think looks good and I wear it. My wife dresses me up in nice stuff because she knows what's up. Anyway, hardcore/metal/thrashy/punk Gods, Converge, now also dress me.

I just got my Converge zip-up hoodie in the mail from Deathwish Inc, and I couldn't be happier. $25 for a hoodie. Fuck you, big rock bands. This is how it's done. Check this thing out:
Mine is red instead and says "Converge" on the top of the hood, so I can look extra badass when I wear it.

If you're not familiar with this band, you need to go check them out immediately. "Jane Doe", "Petitioning The Empty Sky", and their new joint "No Heroes" are all instant classics. "Jane Doe" is the "Master of Puppets" of hardcore. Hands down.

Check out this clip..."No Heroes" from their new LP. Recognize.

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