Friday, September 14, 2007

Whit Crane > Sully Erna

It's not even the same sport here. It could also go like this: Dog Feces > Sully Erna. The fact is, Whit Crane just took Sully Erna's job and Godsmack sucks. What else did you expect from a bad Alice In Chains cover band?!

...And this is how it all began. At some point before Godsmack were to start writing for what would become their frisbee, known as "IV", mainman Sully Erna fell into a bad spot of writer's block. I don't understand how one gets this when every song is the same riff over and over again, but I digress. However, now fueled by badass drummer Shannon Larkin (Amen, Poundhound, Candlebox, Ugly Kid Joe, etc), the other Godsmack guys write something like 38 songs in a month, all which are apparently great. Hey, Godsmack minus Sully is promising at the very least.

So with Sully on the shelf and Godsmack sucking the way they do, the three dudes enlisted Lee Richards (guitarist/vocalist of Southern heroes Dropbox)and the best vocalist who's never been able to catch that second wave, Whit Crane. His resume lists Ugly Kid Joe, the stellar Medication and a stint in 1998-99 as frontman for Life Of Agony (to which he did an outstanding job). I love the way this dude sings and how he can perform any genre, any style, any note. A sick voice that never gets its due, all because UKJ was somewhat of a joke band. Hey, so were the Chili Peppers and look what they've done with a wretched singer! Check out UKJ's 1996 swan song, Motel California. Some great stuff on there. Great.

So Another Animal is born. The CD streets October 2nd, but I got my copy with full artwork this week and it simply kills. Think Faith No More (Angel Dust era), mix in a little Sabbath Vol.4, and balls out dark rock. Very impressive musicianship and songwriting. Sully, who is apparently very jealous,(and should be)is pissed off.

They just announced that they will open the entire tour for Alter Bridge (hey, shows are shows, right?), to which they will slay fat dudes with Budweiser cans at each venue.

It's about time Whit Crane gets his due. With Dave Fortman mixing the self-produced LP, three members of UKJ are now involved in this project. Ridiculous.

Hope this record takes off. It's very impressive and might surprise you.

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