Saturday, October 6, 2007


A band that features (as the sticker on the CD states) "Sweet ass dudes from Cave In, Doomriders and Octave Museum"...It's just too awesome to go wrong. That is to say it WAS too awesome to go wrong. I saw Pet Genius last night at the Cake Shop in NYC and had my mind blown to shreds. First of all, the Cake Shop is a, well, cake shop but also a bar, cafe, club, another bar and a really impressive record shop, all rolled up into one. Secondly, Steve Brodsky can really do no wrong, especiailly with JR from Cave In on drums and Johnny from Octave Museum on bass/backing vocals. Seriously amazing.

They played all of their recently-released Elvis Unreleased EP and over half of their upcoming debut self-titled full length LP. When they busted into "Man Of The Mountain", I could literally feel my insides crumbling. LOUD as hell! They take the best aspects of pop, rock, stoner, early 90's alt rock, and anything else they can throw into their tunes...and called it Doom Wop. Brilliant!

To top this off, I made a fan out of a good friend who was hanging out AND got to purchase both the EP and the yet-to-be-released full length (out Oct. 23rd), both for just 13 bucks. Listened to em all the way home. Again, just amazing.

So it's not Cave In. That's ok. This shit is serious.

On-cue hardcore dork moment: Spotting a mustacioed Ben Kohller in the crowd rocking out. Ben is the insane motherfucker who plays drums for Converge and sat in for JR in Cave In on their last tour in 2005. He also played on the now-legendary Cassingle release. Here's a clip from that tour. Rad...

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