Friday, October 12, 2007

Sweden Rules

Fuck it. They rule. The whole country. Metal is cosistently in the Top 20 over there. Must be the cold winters or something...I don't know. In Flames: Awesome. Amon Amarth: Fucking Ridiculous. Cult of Luna: Owns you. Katatonia: GODS. And my new favorite export, Swallow The Sun. They opened for Katatonia in Poughkeepsie last month and I know it's not kosher, but they were the best band on the bill. Katatonia was killer and Insomnium was impressive, but Swallow The Sun just brought it...And it is fucking metal.

I picked up their latest release, Hope, after their set. So did 2 dudes I came to the show with. It's one of those records that feels like home. It feels like you know all the songs from years ago, but it's new and fresh at the same time. The riffs are thunderous and the vocals range from whispers (ala Jonas from Katatonia) to the deathiest of death metal rumbles. The cool thing is, it never becomes undecipherable or gets lost in the mix. I mean, their track "Don't Fall Asleep" is a single...A death metal band with a HIT single AND video! See, Sweden is so cool. Told ya.

Whatever. Pick this up. They have three LP's. The first two are a bit harder to find (try Amazon), but the new one is out on Candlelight and should be in your local metal store. Easily a Top 20 record this year. Easily.

Oh yeah, and the keyboardist looks just like James Hetfield. Not so much in the photo above, but at the show he had the whole 1992 Hetfield thing down. It was creepy because he's 5 feet tall (I imagine) and speaks little to no English.

Don't say I didn't warn you. Catchy death metal doom rock. Only in Sweden...

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