Saturday, November 17, 2007

Billy Gould Is Kool

Not only is the man one of the most solid bass players in modern rock history, Billy Gould is a monster songwriter and owner and performer on his own Kool Arrow record label. His bass tone cannot be duplicated and his simple basslines are flawless and gave Faith No More the backbone and groove they are known for inventing. I'm biased as a motherfucker, so take this for what it's worth. Seriously though, if your ass don't shake to "Stripsearch" or "Just A Man", you might have SAS, better known as Shakeless Ass Syndrome. See a doctor immediately.

In my usual searches for what the members of FNM are up to these days, I came across Harmful, a German rock band that Billy is currently recording/touring with in Europe. He also released their latest album, 7. Seems I missed 1-6. He's also playing guitar this time around, which is pretty cool. The last recording of him playing guitar on was the 1994 collaboration of FNM with the Boo-Yaa Tribe, "Another Body Murdered", recorded for the Judgement Night Soundtrack.

So back to Harmful. Good, solid band with great hooks and driving grooves. Apparently, they're pretty popular in Europe. I know little about the band other than Billy's involvement, so I checked out their video for "Elaine", the first single off 7...It's haunting and so much better than most of what Patton, Bottom and Bordin have dome since FNM's demise in 1998 (other than the last Bungle LP, Peeping Tom and the first two Tomahawk records).

Check it out and pick up 7. Support Kool Arrow...Billy Gould has been supporting my ears since 1986. I think we owe him.

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