Thursday, November 22, 2007

Paradise Lost=Gods, HIM=Pussies

Nuff said. My love affair with the mighty icons of British Doom was rekindled this year, with Paradise Losts' unbelievably good new record, In Requiem. It's my fault for letting them drop off my radar for the last 8 years. They make great albums, never do the same thing twice and helped invent a genre of metal that I adore. 1993's ICON is one of the finest metal albums and 2005's self-titled release is not far behind.

So news trickles down this week that on an upcoming UK run, Paradise Lost will open for HIM. Great exposure for the band on the dawn of their twentieth year, sure. Why HIM? Such pussies, I can't even explain. A good friend of mine from Miami calls it BubbleGoth. I love that term, since HIM play cheesy pop tunes about loving death and kissing bloody lips and the like. Frontman (?) Ville Valo is a turd, a skinny little nothing who makes everything he touches turn to wuss. I hope Paradise Lost wipes the floor with them and shows their fans what a real doom band sounds like.

Dream Doom Tour: Paradise Lost, Katatonia, Swallow The Sun, with special guest Wino. I just crapped my pants thinking about it.

This Tuesday (Monday in Europe, lucky bastards) sees the release of the 2-DVD set, Over The Madness, a look into the history of doom and the story of Paradise Lost. I already have the soda and popcorn ready to go.

Do yourself a favor and go here. Tower Records still has a killer website and tons of affordable stuff. I found a remastered/repackaged dual CD pack of Shades of God/Icon over there for only $12.99. Picked up a few other things as well.

HIM, you pussises...This is what you have to look forward to following up to. You're fucked and a new one.. and a trailer for the Over The Madness DVD

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