Saturday, February 23, 2008

Like A Stone

(My accountant. Nah, just Stoney)

Yes, I love me some Audioslave and all that was Chris Cornell (up until Carry On, which is about as appealing as a turd on a hoagie roll), but this post is about Stone Gossard. Lots of talk about Mr. Gossard this evening over dinner with some friends and my lovely wife. Turns out, he rules.

Do yourself a big favor and dig through the bargain bins for Bayleaf, Stone's only solo album and a serious fucking gem. Every song on this beast is awesome, and not just regular awesome...Angelina Jolie circa 1998 awesome. I bought this thing twice. Once through Pearl Jam's Ten Club for an absurd price, then again thru CD Now for an even bat-shittier price...As a Japanese import with one bonus track, the well-worth-it "Can't Stop". Ranging from Neil Young worship ("Bayleaf"), to Queens of the Stone Age to-the-note rip-off ("Pigeon"), to R&B/funk heaven ("Cadillac"), this LP is truly a favorite in my vast collection. Ty from Green Apple Quickstep lends vocals to three tracks, which just mixes it up, not taking away from the beauty of the record.

It's a damn shame that this got as much love as a Brad record, which also sucks. One of my favorite albums and definitely the strongest side project/solo record in my collection. Just a brilliant glimpse into the world of Stone Gossard in 2001. Rumor is that a follow-up is on the horizon, as well as a completed new Brad LP called Best Friends, already in the can for two years with no release date. Oh, and a new Shawn Smith LP, The Diamond Hand, is due in March via Sound Vs. Silence Records. Cop that shit.

1993 with Brad "20th Century"...Ass-shakin' music

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