Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Baby's In Love With Eddie Vedder

First of all, Weird Al rules. Secondly, she is and we just scored tickets to two of his upcoming few solo shows in support of his solo debut effort, the Into The Wild Soundtrack. It's called the April Fools Tour, so who knows who might show up at these dates. Maybe Pearl Jam? Maybe Neil Young? Maybe Sleater-Kinney? Jesus, I hope not the latter. Only seen them five thousand times, thank you very much Pearl Jam.

Whatever, I'm stoked. The places he's playing hold no more than 2K each, if that. I don't care if he plays a medley of acapella Bad Radio jams or plays "Bugs" for two hours straight (awesome). Whatever he plays is fine by me. It's gonna have to be...He let's his daughter pick out the setlist.

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