Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fuck What You Heard

What is it about power trios that just fuck shit up. The list is endless: Rush, Primus, The Melvins, Pet Genius, ZZ Top...Regardless of genre, longevity of the group or how polished, the power trio is awesomeness at a level that few can really comprehend. It's reasons like this that make me as stoked as possible to be working with Dub Trio, one of the latest signings to the ever-growing and ever-evolving roster at Ipecac.

I'd been a casual Dub Trio fan for a few years, checking them out on tour with Peeping Tom and trying to grasp the uniqueness of their two prior releases (plus a killer live record that I just discovered). I liked what I heard but felt that they had much more potential. So 2008 rolls in and a new record from DT does as well. Another Sound Is Dying is Dub Trio at their strongest musically, structurally, and even politically. Yes they're an instrumental band, sans the Mike Patton appearance here and there (one on each of their last two LP's), but they seem to convey a strong viewpoint through the music and song titles.

I had the luck to hang out with DT this past Friday at Amoeba in SF, where we set up a DJ session and interview. Great guys and great fans of varied genres of music, something that slips in and out of their genre-bending music. Dub, metal, reggae, punk, hardcore, rock, jazz...You name it, it's in there. Forget that they're the band that makes up the awesome Peeping Tom or the impressive mainstream list of session work they've done (50 Cent, Common, G-Unit, etc)...This band is truly unique and have simply made one of the best records I've heard in years. For those of you that doubt vocal-less music: First, fuck you. Secondly, this shit is so good and complete, it's not even needed. Just ask Pelican, Explosions In The Sky or God Is An Astronaut if they need a singer. Unfortunately for them, Dub Trio is way better.

"Illegal Dub"

"We're Not Alone w/Peeping Tom @ Warsaw in Brooklyn, 2006 (I was there, bitches)

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