Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm Re-Learning Science

You can too, thanks to The Ocean and their latest installment, the 2-disc ass-rumbling behemoth they call Precambrian. Disc one is 22 minutes of traditional sick metal and hardcore, while the second disc is a lot of new ground to cover, bringing in elements of classical, atmospheric shoegazer rock, piano interludes and a lot more. Not the usual fare for a hc/metal band from Germany. Of course, The Ocean is not a usual band. It's made up of 1,245 dudes (seriously, about 20) at any given time. They have many guest vocalists, including Caleb (Cave In, Zozobra, Old Man Gloom), Nate (Converge, Doomriders) and Sean (Coalesce)...Right there I was sold.

Precambrian is a complex concept record, following their sophomore release ad Metal Blade debut, Aeolian. These dudes are like, smart and stuff.

I actually have to go listen to this now, as typing about it doesn't do it justice. Heavy where you want it to be, mellow where you'd never expect it. Simple chords strung together, woven with odd-time breaks and quite impressive chops. This is progressive metal at its finest. I don't mean Prog, I mean true metal music transcending all genres, yet still kicking you square in your nuts.

Buy this record and support THE OCEAN and go check 'em out: The Ocean Collective

2006 live clip:

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