Monday, February 4, 2008

Keith Caputo is a Pimp

Seriously. I once saw him at a Life of Agony concert workin' it to two 6" plus model-types, while he stands an exaggerated 5 feet tall...And I might be pushing that. Keith owns the rights to the most criminally underrated record of all time, 2000's non-North American release Died Laughing, a perfect pop record with dark melodies and beautifully haunting lyrics. Oh yeah, his acoustic/b-sides/stripped down release Died Laughing Pure was also not available in the states or Canada. But seriously, what the fuck do we know over here. We put bands like Linkin Park and Maroon 5 on a pedestal, while they ruin my ears and give pop music a bad name. You want good pop? Listen to Weezer.

Back to Keith Caputo. He's a freak of nature and a super-talented musician/songwriter/frontman, having made a name for himself with the genre-defining Life of Agony (and still is), the experimental and hard-to-find Freax, various guest appearances (Roadrunner United, Within Temptation) and his solo career. I've had the luck to see LOA with and without Keith (with Whit Crane on vocals, which was actually incredible, as Keith was struggling with some demons at the time), as well as some solo shows in NY and NJ in 2002.

Keith has also self-released the low budget Perfect Little Monsters album, as well as a live record from that tour in Europe, where Keith is celebrated and tours constantly. His third proper solo record was released two years ago. Hearts Blood On Your Dawn is an incredible statement and a fantastic progression for Keith. While on Died Laughing, he strayed away from the heavier stuff, he balanced all his styles here flawlessly.

March of this year, Keith will release his fourth solo outing (with guest a guest spot by Flea on trumpet, plus many others), which promises to break hearts and stick to brains, as all great songs he writes do. Here's to hoping for a Keith solo US tour, even though I have a better chance of becoming President.

If you can listen to "Home" or "Brandy Duval" without feeling the heartache or "I Got Monsters" without feeling how tortured this guy is, you're probably a douche bag.


Paul Lrb said...

I agree that Died Laughing is criminally underrated. I heard about 1 minute of the track "Selfish" back when I lived in England and thought "This is cool" and thought no more about it, and then a couple of months later I was in a record store and I saw his album so I picked it up. When I got home I put in in the CD player and was absolutely blown away by every track. It is not often that I can find that perfect album but I truly believe that this is one of them. Every track is amazing. I remember reading once a quote saying it sounds like The Beatles Playing Soundgarden and I think that is quite an apt quote. His last album Hearts Blood On Your Dawn is also a masterpiece, he has a way of getting great melodies, hooks and emotion into all the songs he does. I never tire of listening to died Laughing and in the car Hearts Blood is rarely out of the cd player. I just wish he would come to vegas (where I now live) to play a show. The word needs to be spread as Keith is a genius who puts most modern bands, singers and songwriters to shame.

Johnny Epcot said...

I compltely agree with you. Never heard that Beatles/Soundgarden quote but that's a dead-on description. As you can see by the name of my blog, I'm a huge SG fan. I'm so stoked to hear Keith's new forthcoming LP. All this talk of KC...I'm putting Perfect Little Monsters in my car right now! Thanks man- Rob