Thursday, February 28, 2008

Red Tape is Awesome

I doubt many people remember this band, but I assure you that Red Tape is indeed awesome. They were a true political hardcore/punk band from Sacramento who had put out a few EP's and a full length on their own through tiny unheard-of indies in the early 2000's. Roadrunner Records took notice of their devoted local Sacramento following and their respect from other locals (Deftones, Revolution Smile and Will Haven, who even have a song named after singer Jeff Jawarski) and quickly signed the band in 2004, putting out their crminally overlooked LP, Radioactivist.

I swear to God, they didn't work the record at all. Why the fuck would you put out a record in hopes that it fails? Tax write-off? Head in ass syndrome (HIAS)? I just don't get it. Bands that have made a career out of political punk like Against Me! and Rise Against have thrived in the past few years, selling hundreds of thousands of records even in this struggling climate, yet Red Tape is no more. I like Against Me! and Rise Against a good deal, but they are mere skid marks compaired to how amazing Red Tape was. They even had an "Army" just like KISS, but 100% less fruity.

So they put this thing out there, something like four thousand people buy it and they band gets dropped. Big fucking surprise. When Grady rejoined Will Haven in 2006 and then abruptly left just as quick, Jeff Jawarski jumped at the opportunity to sing for WH and is now their full-time vocalist. 2007's The Hierophant is brutally heavy and while it isn't the best output from Will Haven, it's still great.

Here's to true punk. " Stalingrad " 2004:

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