Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Testicular Tuesday!

I promise, this will not be vulgar. Testicular more or less means balls-to-the-wall rock n' roll in my book and damn it all, I want a theme day every week. Crappy rock stations have Two For Tuesday. I have Testicular Tuesday. Each week, I will feature a song (or three) that spends most of its time kicking people in the nuts...So its new position here at Stupid and Unkind wont be much different. I plan to get some MP3's up pretty soon of some rare and out of print stuff, so please send requests and check back often.

Let's kick this bitch off right with some FIGHT!!! Rob Halford is a fucking legend and had to leave the world's biggest metal band to prove he was harder than them. Fight put out two albums and a remix EP in the early to mid 90's. Recently, Rob got the original lineup back together and did some signings around the country for War of Words-The Film and the original Fight demos, K5. Check these out and stay tuned for future TESTICULAR TUESDAY-DAY-DAY-DAY (oh how I love Monster Truck Rally announcers)!

"Nailed To The Gun"
"Into The Pit" Live in '94. Quality is not great but this is as METAL as it gets. Everyone else is just fooling themselves.

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