Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Testicular Tuesday Cometh Early This Week!

I'm on the road tomorrow, so here's your weekly nut-kick a bit early. Since I'm going to Seattle, why not talk about Alice In Chains. Seriously, why not?! When people call them Grunge, I want to choke a bitch. Why is Motley Crue and Poison considered Metal, yet Alice is "grunge". Um, no. Alice is METAL. They were the most haunting, depressed, beautiful band and made people from 80's rock and 90's alt scenes really come together (as much as they could) and rock simultaneously.

Check out these two clips and watch them as if you're very being depended on them.

"We Die Young" 1990:
"Them Bones" 1992. Best.video.ever.

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