Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Testicular Tuesday!

It's back...and sorry for the lack of updates. Ed Vedder has been touring the West Coast, so I chose to tour with him.

On to this week's ball-kicking (or as it was coined in Berkeley this past week, dick-kicking band of the week): SNAPCASE!

I can't even mention the word "Hardcore" without thinking about (and rocking out in my head) the mighty Snapcase. They worshpped Helmet, intensified Quicksand and threw in just enough Deftones (towards the end) to collectively kick some serious StraightEdge ass. The "problem" with Snapcase was simple their fans. They never wanted the band to evolve, which ultimately led to their demise. The band even called these guys "Live In The Past Dudes"...You all know them as the assholes that shout out song titles at shows, hoping the band will play said tune. I can't tell you how many times I've been at a Snapcase show and some pinhead yells out "INCARNATION"!

Bottom line, they were the best progressive hardcore band of all time. End of story. "Typecast Modulator" "Caboose"

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