Saturday, April 19, 2008

RECORD STORE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

For you assholes that have forsaken the brick & mortar record shop, today is a day to leave the douche bag you now call home and re-emerge a fantastic and important member of society. Today is Record Store Day at over 450 indie record shops around the country, as well as many more around the globe. Do yourself a favor and go support your local shop(s) today and drop some cash. Keep in mid that this isn't like giving a drinking binge/beer goggles/bad one night stand date cab fare in the morning...This is supporting a local business and reminding yourself (if you forgot) how amazingly awesome record stores are.

Go find that rare import single with that b-side that made you love the hunt for rare records in the first place. Plus, our good friends over at Ferret are releasing a brand new 36 Crazyfists EP today, The Occolus. Three tracks (two off thir 5/27 release The Tide and It's Takers and a b-side cover of Satchel's "Criminal Justice"). It fucking kills. Hand over your $3 now.

Record stores (even shitty ones like Scotti's in NJ) need lovin' too. I'm off to Amoeba SF to spend $$$ I don't have and to leave with dirty hands, bloody cuticles, and a wad of new records to rock the fuck out to.

Woke up with this in my head. Actually, this happens most days. My favorite song of all time. Ever. Since I was twelve. Faith No More rules.

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