Friday, April 25, 2008

These Things I Believe...

I've been busy. I haven't blogged nearly enough lately. Between the awesomeness of Record Store Day and coming down off the Eddie Vedder solo tour...Well enough excuses. Rather than blog about a particular band or go off about some foolish bullshit, I'm going to lead all ye into the my stereo and what I've been listening to lately. Check this stuff out. Some metal, some melodic, always awesome.

Shawn Smith- The Diamond Hand (Sound Vs. Silence Records)
Thrice- The Alchemy Index Vol.3&4 (Vagrant)
In Flames- The Mirror's Truth (KOCH)
Cavalera Conspiracy- Inflikted (Roadrunner)
Children of Bodom- Blooddrunk (Spinefarm)
...and the new Opeth song is beautiful.

I do want to show you the video for Hateshpere's "Drinking With The King of The Dead". Amazing clip and killer song. These guys kill. I read one review that said that they we're like a more technical Pro-Pain...and from Finland. It fucking kills...

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