Thursday, May 1, 2008

Howard Jones Rules

Let's set the record straight: I'm talking about Killswitch Engage's Howard Jones, not the 80's pop singer. I guess he's pretty ok too. Most people know Howard for his ridiculously fantastic vocals for KSE, but long before he joined their ranks he fronted (and I belive still does) Blood Has Been Shed. Brutal, complex and beautiful are a few words one can describe BHBS with. Justin Foley (who now plays drums for KSE) is also Blood's skinsman. He fucking rules too. Dude rocks a serious beard. Oh and by the way, these guys have enough chops and purse talent to send Prog-dorks like Yes and Dream Theater (whom I do enjoy) running for their D&D playbooks.

They have put out three records, the self-released and ultra-rare (I have an original copy, thank you very much) " I Dwell On Thoughts Of You", their Ferret debut "Novella of Uriel" and their masterpiece, "Spirals". I swear to God, "She Speaks To Me" is one of heaviest fucking things you've ever heard, yet hit the pinnacle of the record with the biggest and brightest soaring vocals you've ever heard. Howard has this way of channeling Mike Patton, but in a way all his own.

I love both bands he fronts. I think Killswitch is where American metal is at (along with Lamb of God and a few others), but I would kill to get a new BHBS LP. Rumors of a new EP have been floating around but rumors are just that sometimes.

Check this shit: "She Speaks To Me"

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