Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beardtacular Tuesday!

If you love your metal and I mean LOVE it, then you most definitely love Viking Metal, which means you bow down to Amon Amarth. Six records and never a bad song. Never a dull moment. Never a second where you don't feel the urge to set fire to your nearest hut full of maidens and drink at your local Meade Hall. Fuck, when it's time to go, I have my sword, shield and beard ready to rock.

Bottom line, Amon Amarth is fucking awesome. Their last three records can kill people in their sleep. The imagery in their songs (and sometimes sounds of battle) make you feel as if you were just run through by a Viking blade or that you actually smell like a Viking. It's like Smellavision, The Rotten Carcass Edition (by Milton-Bradley, of course).

If you're reading this, it also means you love beards, beard rock, Beardcore...Pretty much anything beard-related (except Williamsburg-poseur beard guys with white v-neck tees and sweatbands and such. Fuck those dudes).

Now, let us head-twirl in unison and beard twirl on the off-strokes!

"The Pursuit of Vikings":

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