Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Testicular Tuesday!

(I know it's least that's what my wife tells me. It's about the balls, not the day).

Who likes metal? Who likes Southern metal? Who likes videos that look like they were a blast to film? If it's not you, we can't be friends. Alabama Thunderpussy were always good at being average (at least vocally)...especially at a horrific performance with some guy that looked like one of the Geico Cavemen, two years ago with COC and Crowbar in NYC. The band also must've felt this way and got rid of the Neanderthal and replaced him with one of the baddest motherfuckers, Kyle Thomas (Exhorder, Pitts vs Preps, Witch, FLOODGATE). Exhorder was the band that showed Pantera how to groove long before they were badasses (although the Cowboys From Hell perfected it, and have now been ripped off...cough...influential...whatever).

Kyle Thomas made his debut with ATP on their latest release, Open Fire, a motherfucker of an album. Think about all that you like about rock n' roll, turn that shit up to 11 and there you go!

A great video and a greater song.

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