Monday, June 9, 2008

Go Tell Everybody

"Go Tell Somebody" was the working title of the brand new King's X record before it was changed to XV. These three Texans meant that shit. XV is not only their best record in 10 years, it might be their crossover record. Don't get me wrong, KX has been promised the brass ring so many times it's not even remotely funny anymore. From the hopeful MTV support of "It's Love" to the Headbangers Ball play of "Dogman" and on to their switch to be Metal Blade's #1 Priority in 1998, this band can't could never catch a break and ride that wave to mainstream success. Fortunately, their music took on different shapes and forms and made them the #1 band on the planet for musicians to be fans of. Just as Pearl Jam, Chris Cornell (not today, maybe seven years ago...Douche bag), Alice In Chains, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Porcupine Tree...Shall I go on?

I discovered King's X a bit late. It was 1996 and they had just released Ear Candy, still one of my favorites. i went back and discovered their earlier records but was really a fan of the Dogman and Tapehead LP's. So raw and detuned, yet so beautifully harmonic (three-part harmonies).

Without me going off about how many times I've seen them, following the band around the South in 1998 and 2000, and hanging out with the amazing Dug Pinnick, the bottom line is that King's X are what their new album ad says they are: "Rock Royalty".

The new LP is unbelievable good and fresh and sounds like a band that is hungry once more. Check out Ty, Jerry and Dug's solo and side project material (Poundhound, Supershine, The Mob, Platypus, Jughead, The Jelly Jam, Galactic Cowboys, and the forthcoming Montana w/Jeff and Mike of Pearl Jam) and go tell every motherfucker you know about XV!


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