Thursday, June 5, 2008

Testicular Thursday?

I'm on vacation so forgive the two-day lateness. I've been trying to show my brother some ball-rattling tunes but still think it's too soon to introduce him to Mastodon. Perhaps the heaviest prog-type band to ever exist (Opeth, we'll get to your awesomeness soon enough), they are the only band that people who love Yes and Sonic Youth both listen to. For some reason, the Pitchfork crowd loves this shit. Maybe they just love the clothes or maybe it's just that they know the metal guys in the crowd will eat their skulls if they don't pretend to enjoy the band. Whatever.

I've been a Mastodon fan since they only had their Lifesblood EP out on Relapse. The drumming is spastic but perfect, the guitars and bass weave in and out and between the drum patterns until they explode into the sickest shit you've ever heard. The vocals are reminiscent of late-era Neurosis, but have more melody where needed.

This is the best thing to EVER come out of Atlanta. Period.

"The Wolf Is Loose"
"Marh of The Fire Ants"

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