Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Steve Brodsky Needs a Manager

Jesus H Christ, Steve Brodsky needs a manager...and fast. The guy is signed to Hydra Head, the label that helped break Cave In and continues to develop Cave In-related projects, such as Clouds and Zozobra. They even put some love into Steve's Octave Museum and his amazing Pet Genius record last year. However, this time he's gone too far. For his fourth LP (even though it says his third, just as the Octave Museum did), Steve decided to name himself "Stove Bredsky". Look dude, selling your records are hard enough under your own name, let alone a bonehead one like Stove.

All that aside, The Black Ribbon Award is a terrific album. Of course they decided to give iTunes and Amazon's digital store three bonus tracks (one which is one of the best on the disc), so I had to buy it digitally. I will get it on CD as soon as I can find it somewhere, as the artwork is amazing, as most Hydra Head releases are. If you liked Steve's previous solo works, this will be a beautiful dream for you. It has lush pop melodies and hooks and his trademark falsetto tone all over this thing. If you're hoping for Cave In, wait for the new Zozobra (July 22nd). That will crush skulls.

The bottom line is that I fully support all Cave In alumni and if Steve wants to call himself Stove, I'm down. Just saying he needs a manager to rope that shit in. Just saying...

Pet Genius "Doomsday"

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