Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Testicular Tuesday!

If Birmingham, AL is metal, then Disturbed really are the heaviest band on earth or whatever bullshit they say they are. Truth is, Birmingham gave us Haste in the late 90's (not to be confused with the horrid Haste The Day on Solid State Records). They were a six-dude band with two vocalists, a high screamer/singer and a gutteral growler. The music was upbeat, dark, dirty, pop, rock, hardcore,post-hardcore, punk, etc...And it was definitely metal. These guys toured forever on their three full-lengths and even got some decent rotation on Headbanger's Ball in 2003 for "Stutter", a fast-paced melodic cut off their swan song, The Mercury Lift. The coolest thing about this band was their ability to remain who they were on Century Media, a label more widely known for their death metal and European epic junk. It was basically all that, Stuck Mojo and Haste.

Unfortunately, the guys broke up in 2004. A great band that grew by leaps and bounds with each release. Think Snapcase meets Grade meets Cast Iron Hike meets 36 Crazyfists meets Quicksand meets the Smashing Pumpkins in a deathmatch. Good stuff, I promise you that.

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