Friday, August 29, 2008

Ride With Evan Dando

On a real Lemonheads kick lately. So what if Evan Dando smoked copious amounts of crack for nearly a decade? Who cares if he boned Winnona Ryder while doing so? I mean, who hasn't, right?

Their self-titled "comeback" record on Vagrant last year was a testament to how awesome they were and still are. It was as if they did Car Button Cloth in 1996 and immediately went back into the studio to write their follow-up, regardless of the fact that Evan is the only remaining original member.

Sifting through their vast catalog and unbelievable amounts of b-sides (ever heard their cover of "How Will I Know"?), I'm consistantly falling for their debut Atlantic EP from 1990, Favorite Spanish Dishes. It was such a departure from their punk-like roots, yet made other bands that did this type of acoustic alt-rock look foolish for doing it for so long and getting blown away upon first try. "Ride With Me" is still one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.

There was something so amazing about early 90's rock that I think, scratch, know is gone forever. When the worst bands are the Gin Blossoms and the Soup Dragons, I'd say you're doing quite nicely.

Here's to you Evan Dando...May you ride out in a crack-smoked blaze of glory.

"Ride With Me" from instore in 1992 (note awesome chicks with flipped-up red hats)

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