Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Testicular Tuesday, Nothin' New To Me

Ligeia is not a great band. Not even a particularly good band. They did make a catchy and decent Every Time I Die rip-off album in the form of their sophomore LP, "Bad News" though. It's catchy as a motherfucker. The lyrics deal with chicks, booze, booze, no money, chicks, dude parts, whiskey and women all up on dude parts...and while not 19th Century English Literature, it's pretty damn entertaining. What can I say: I'm an English Major who loves dick and fart jokes.

Seriously though, the title track and other infectious cuts such as "I've Been Drinkin", "Hoodrat" and the could-be-a-minor-hit-on-Ferret's-hands "Johnny Cash" do exactly what the band sought out to do: Make driving in San Fransisco traffic unbelievably entertaining. For those 30 minutes on the Bay Bridge, thanks Ligeia!

"Teenage Wasteland" Live 2008:

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