Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dig on Dug

If you consider yourself any kind of self-respecting musician, you bow to the altar of King's X. The are THE musicians band. I think 14 people that don't play an instrument faintly know who they might be, but all the others are die-hard fans. Power trio? Check. 3-Part harmonies? Check. Beatles/Sabbath worship? Check. Inventing Drop-D Tuning? Fucking check. That's right, these dudes invented it and Page Hamilton perfected it. Recognize.

All that aside, the soul of King's X is Doug (Dug) Pinnick. The man is 58 years old and looks barely a day over 30. It sickens me as much as it makes me happy that he'll be making amazing tunes for well over another 50 years. His many many side projects run from simply unbelievably amazing (Supershine, Poundhound) to mind-blowing (working with 24-7 Spyz, Jeff Ament and Living Colour). For a truly ass-kicking experience, go pick up Supershine and the two Poundhound albums (all our of print but not hard to find at all).

His latest (besides KX's opus XV, which fucking owns your sorry little life) is called Strum Sum Up, and displays a very unique way of recording. One track will be the ass-shaking track and the next will be a free-form jam based on the riffage from the previous tune. Brilliant.

This is Poundhound and it is amazing...

"Hey" (Houston, 1998: Live Bootleg VHS)
"Music" (Same show, 1998)

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