Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fancy-Ass Cosby Sweater-Wearin' Friday

We're getting real fancy this week. I mean Fine China fancy. In fact, if it gets fancier than this, I don't want any part it. Queens of the Stone Age have always been extra careful to not be careful and 2007's Era Vulgaris is not only no exception, it's the prime example. Queens' fifth record is an experimental affair, full of killer hooks, dirty-ass guitars and ZZ Top grooves. Add two special guest spots from Mark Lanegan and you got yourself a monster record on your hands.

The track that comes correct with the highest percentage of fancy is easily "Make It Wit Chu", an old Desert Sessions tune, reworked and tweaked with Josh Homme doing his best Lanegan impression on lead vocals. I swear , this is one of the sexiest songs ever written. Damn that handsome Josh Homme.

Check this out and feel free to make it wit yourself if need be. It's that good.

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