Friday, October 10, 2008

Fancy Friday

We'll be quick and most definitely fancy this week. Ken Andrews, you have officially become fancy. His 2007 solo debut (other than his previous 2 amazing ON releases) was incredible...A true joy to listen to. This record hits sweet spots from every phase of his storied career, hinting at Failure-like riffing, Year of the Rabbit songcraft, ON-like atmospherics and new soundscapes and grooves. For my money (all 12 cents of it), "Up or Down" is not only one of Ken's best songs to date, but one of my favorite songs of the last few years. It was so pop, it makes Rivers Cuomo curse him in his sleep.

So enjoy this. Start the weekend off right. Go buy every thing Ken Andrews has ever put his name on. C'mon, help the economy and buy some shit (Ha!).

Ken's favorite song off Secrets From The Lost Satellite, "Without" (live in Atlanta)
Failure "Stuck On You"
Year of the Rabbit "Rabbit Hole"

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