Thursday, October 9, 2008

FAR = Hot Little Pony = Awesome

FAR is back! It's only been a decade. Not like I missed them or anything...

Seriously, I'm fucking stoked as a motherfucker. Far is going by the moniker Hot Little Pony while they get together and play a few shows in Southern California later this month. They've also got a nifty little MySpace page for Hot Little Pony with a rump-thumping cover of, what else, Ginuwine's "Pony". It's actually getting some serious airplay in Sacramento right now, to which the band posted that it was by FAR the best airplay they've ever received. I get jokes! Hahaha!

It's awesome that this track is getting some love, but why this band never really broke through is FAR beyond me. That's my joke. Good, no? Tin Cans With Strings To You and the nearly flawless Water & Solutions are timeless. I was even lucky enough to pick up the reissued Listening Game and Quick, both with bonus tracks. Go to visit singer Jonah's Yard Sale. Some great music.

Remember, without Far there would be no Will Haven and no Deftones.

To celebrate, check this...FAR is back!

"Bury White" (live 1998)
"Mother Mary" (same show)


Dave G said...
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Eric said...

Major props on this post! This is GREAT news for those Far fans in both the UK and on the West coast. I suppose they had to take on a new name due to Immortal/Sony/BMG contracts? I'm glad they're not playing the East Coast because then, I'd be really bummed out to miss them (living in Maine for shows sucks).

Both reissues are incredible (with some original versions of 'Tin Cans...' and beyond songs). I actually requested "Man of the Year" at one of Far's last shows (when they toured w/ Crumb) in December(ish) of '98 -that's an idea of how light their fan base was when they actually headlined. I honestly can't believe they're putting all of the animosity behind them and buckling up for some shows.

Final questions - A. Is there a way to get an MP3 version of the cover on their Myspace page B. Are you close enough to attend the shows? I think they're near LA but you're near San Fran, right? C. Will there be new material presented? I remember there was some sort of Far B-side release that was supposed to come out a few years ago but it never materialized. I probably have everything they'd put on it for now.

Last but not least, I was unaware members of Deftones contributed to Far's version of "Savory." Very cool.


Johnny Epcot said...

Thanks Eric! I'm not sure about their contractual obligations but I think it could go two ways. It could be that they want to play shows without the reminder of their angered past or that Immortal does own their asses and they don't want in.

The reissue of Quick is ridiculous. I've been searching for the EP for literally years and now I get it and it has bonus tracks and limited run artwork and even more bonus MP3's?! Heaven!

To answer your questions, I don't think I can make the shows, but if this does well (which we know it will), I think a full major-city US run is in order. I mean, let's face it, the Rev Smile doesn't sell (even though I really dig their records, especially Summer Ever) and other than a few NEO tracks, Jonah's solo stuff hasn't wowed me. I liked Gratitude, but of course they broke up in a heartbeat. I think a few new songs might get thrown in, which would be great. There are various sites to get the MP3 at. Just Google "Far Pony MP3" and quite a few legal sites come up. The download is free.

All this Far talk...I'm now in the mood to listen to "9 Miles"...I love that song!

Take care!

Jonah said...

super-sweet, thank you... just a little spelling correction, it's



Johnny Epcot said...

You'd think that being an English major would help with spelling :)

Thanks for the correction AND of course, the music. See you on the road soon I hope!