Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Twilight of the Thunder Blog: Thine Testicular Tuesday Cometh!

Holy balls, Amon Amarth can bring it live. They completely annihilated San Francisco this past Friday and it took me until now to recover. They were joined by The Absence, the hillarious comedy routine of Belphegor (oh wait, they're serious...Wow) and the folk metal dorkiness of Ensiferum (which was actually very cool). They could've had Slayer open for them nd it wouldn't have made a bit of difference. They fucking killed it. The bearded Vikings played 5 tracks off their shiny new opus, Twilight of the Thunder God, and variety of deep cuts and fan favorites such as "Death In Fire", "Fate of Norns" and the epic "Valhall Awaits Me", which could have slayed an army with it's heaviness.

Look, all I'm saying is that Amon Amarth are thunderously (no pun intended) great live. I mean, Johann has a beer tech. A BEER TECH. He fills Johann's horn with beer. Did I mention he caries a horn to drink out of? He's also invented Beard Banging (patent pending, bitches). This is when you headbang one way, but your beard is so long and powerful, that it actually bangs the other way. A real sight to see.

Check this out and please, keep the pillaging to a minimum:

"Death In Fire" from Slim's (this past Friday) in SF:
"Twilight Of The Thunder God" (video):

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