Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Snapticluar Tuesday!

I first discovered Snapcase in 1993, when my band tried to cover some tracks off their debut full-length, Lookinglasself. They got better and we broke up. Such is life.

Anyway, Snapcase is one of the first hardcore bands accepted fully by the scene, that took pride in branching out and being simply progressive, not be limited by the seemingly endless limitations of the mid-1990's hardcore scene. 1997's Progression Through Unlearning is THE best hardcore album. Period. They rode high on the success of this record and the 1999 follow-up, Designs For Automotion, but lost a good portion of their audience with their final LP, End Transmission. Why? It's because people are douche bags. That's why. The band called these folks who couldn't accept the band moving forward "Live In The Past Dudes". The ones that called out "Incarnation" at every show. If they actually took the time to listen to their later recordings (including the amazing Devo and Helmet covers and b-sides on their swan song, Bright Flashes), they'd realize that these records were fantastic.

Check this out and buy all their records (1995's Steps EP is a gem). It might even make you think.


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