Thursday, November 6, 2008

Totimoshi is Good

I've been listening to the new Totimoshi CD, Milagrosa, for a few months now and I've come to the detailed scientific conclusion that it is indeed awesome. I mean, super-fun-happy-time Japanese game show on speed awesome. It's just so crisp and fresh and completely off the map. They've always paved their own road and made their fans one at a time the old fashioned way...By killing it live and never making shit records. Having Page Hamilton behind the boards doesn't hurt either.

Milagrosa is light years beyond their three previous releases, which is no knock at those albums. 2006's Ladron is a serious kick in the nuts and features one of my favorite songs of the last few years, the skull-crushing "In Virgo". The addition of their new drummer Chris has really solidified their sound and upped their proficiency. Plus the dude is super nice.

Tracks like the opener "Sound The Horn" and the acoustic "Milagroso" show the exciting growth the band is showing, while "Gnat" will reel order fans in whilist kicking their asses in the process.

Buy this record and support a great local Bay Area band that is grouped in with greats such as The Melvins and the Jesus Lizard but have yet to receive the accolades they truly deserve. This is an easy contender for album of the year. Period.

"In Virgo"
"Miligrosa" (live/acoustic)

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