Friday, November 28, 2008

Fancy Friday

On this fancy holiday weekend, I've been going over a lot of Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree in my head for some reason, but far fancier than both are PT's Steven Wilson's side project, Blackfield. I was one of the lucky few who braved the worst snow storm of 2007 with a good friend of mine, marching through this shit in the bowels of NYC (ok, the Bowery, but that's not far off) to witness a very rare Blackfield stateside performance. Not only was it worth it, it was oneof the best shows I've ever been to. Period.

Blackfield is Steven Wilson (PT, No-Man, Bass Communion, etc) and Aviv Geffen (huge Israeli pop star, awesome glittered eyeliner man-thing). They have the beauty of the sweetest parts of Porcupine Tree, mixed with a lush 60's pop sensibility. Every single song is instantly stuck in your head and they don't leave so easily. Their title/band name track "Blackfield" has been stuck in my dome for over 4 years now. I hum the fucking thing to myself at least 4-5 times a week.

The cameras were on for this show last February and later released as a DVD (the music files are floating around somewhere). Made the whole trek worth while: Got a killer show, got it on DVD and got my mind blown by a band that tours less than Jack Johnson.

Be fancy this weekend.

"Blackfield" (live from the Bowery Ballroom, Feb 07):
"Cloudy Now" (same show):

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