Monday, November 17, 2008

Testicular Tuesday Is Above You

If you are a fan of all things Cave In, then Adam McGrath's Clouds needs no introduction. They are a fucking brilliant Boston group that combines elements of Black Flag, The Melvins and gritty rock n' roll and makes many an ass shake. Two records in (plus a killer little EP with a Guided By Voices cover) and a pending 12" (in the form of a bonus LP with the vinyl release of Clouds album #2, "We Are Above You")of b-sides coming, Clouds is now more than a mere side-project.

I had the luck and priviledge to see Clouds in front of 12 people a few weeks ago in Berkeley and they blew my fucking mind. It's always the most impressive thing to see a band play their hearts out for a limited few, as if they were playing a sold out Wembley Stadium. Super-nice dudes too.

So do the band, me and yourself a favor and support these guys...We need more balls-out rock bands out there. Also check out Zozobra, Young Widows, Coliseum, The Bronx, Fight Amp. It would be a wise decision.

"Empires In Basements/Guardian's Eyes" (Live at Newbury Comics):

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