Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Best Album of All Time

Angel Dust by Faith No More. Easy choice. I'd venture to say that I've heard this album over one thousand times in my life and it never gets stale. It's a flawless record that is sequenced perfectly. Flow is what makes an album an album and this album flows like the motherfucking Colorado River.

Faith No More made six records, but it was the Patton era LP's (especially Angel Dust and on) that defined them as a quintessential act. A lot of purists now think it's cool to say they preferred the Chuck Moseley LP's better, and those are great records ("Mark Bowen" is still one of the best songs ever), but there's just no denying the chemistry the band had during the Angel Dust sessions. The funny thing is, guitarist Jim Martin hated the direction FNM was headed down and refused to record with the rest of the band most of the time. His off-time and out of key solo in "Be Aggressive" shows how much he seemed to care about the quality of his work. I think it was that sense of apathy that made the record seamless and perfect in it's own way.

Angel Dust is a modern masterpiece. Like all influential records, it has spawned hundreds of terrible bands (to no fault of FNM) and tons of imitators, but the fact is that no band will ever make a record like this ever again.

My favorite live performance clip, "Caffeine" Live, Hangin w/MTV 1992:
"A Small Victory":

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